CakeDeliver Fresh Baked Birthday Cake Delivery

Why choose us?

Why choose us?


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Safety and security

Cake healthy and customer security, privacy is first priority and always keep improving.

Fresh baked cake delivery

First fresh baked cake delivery service in Malaysia from 2012. Provide free delivery to major city without any hidden fees as name it.

Wide selection design

More than 500+ hand sculpted cake design and custom theme selected for your loved, friends and family.

Personalized special cake online

First Malaysia start year 2012 make it easy to order personalized cake online include color, shape, text greeting and have it delivered on the date select.

Send cake at your fingertip

Freshest of cakes and whenever and wherever we want, right at your fingertips use the Android app or ios mobile device.

No number one but first

We are not number one cake delivery in Malaysia as people said them-self but CakeDeliver are first free delivery without hidden fees cake shop in Malaysia, first fresh baked 3D cake delivery, free disposal serve-ware, and first online personalized cake start year 2012 in Malaysia.